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The main reason why I chose the skin tone test as my first test was to see whether the game would be biased toward a skin color than the other in.; I believe I will have some level of unconscious bias towards white skin tones. My responses suggested a moderate automatic preference for Light-Skinned White People over Dark-Skinned White People. Although I said at the beginning of the test that I do not have a skin tone preference I assumed that deep down there would be an unconscious bias. I believe that the media especially Hollywood built up that bias. For instance, the villains in animated movies were usually darker than the rest of the cast. This could mean that generations were conditioned to believe that dark skinned people were mean or cruel.

The second test was the gender and career test. As a radical feminist, I thought I would do way better than the previous test. I thought that out of all people, I will do better and I’ll fight the gender stereotype. However, the results were “Your responses suggested a strong automatic association for Male with Career and Female with Family”. I believe that this response is a result of my own internalized misogyny. Most if not all women have to deal with not only the standard sexism that society entails on us but also have to deal with their own internalized sexism and self-doubt. Women are constantly questioning whether they are well deserving of the opportunities they get.

There were claims that the IAT tests are not valid. IAT response patterns are often regarded as hatred toward Blacks. This same reaction pattern was connected to varied familiarity with test stimuli. This tendency was linked to respondents’ anxieties of seeming racist, and they discovered increased bias on the IAT among those with a higher incentive to control prejudice. IAT scores are also influenced by non-attitudinal cognitive skills, with fewer cognitively adept test takers looking more implicitly racist (Blanton et al. , 2009).

Blanton, H. (2009). Penn Carey Law: Legal scholarship repository. Site. Retrieved March 17, 2023, from


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